If a man speaks in a forest, and his wife's not there, is he still wrong?

Double Trouble

That's right folks, it's twins!!!

Here's the proof:

[gallery/4195] We went into East Surrey Hospital today for our first scan. By Jane's dates, we thought it was about 12 weeks.

Jane has been saying for weeks now "I've got this feeling that it's twins", so when she lay on the bench and the first speckled image appeared on the display I joked with her "Oh my God, there's two!". I was rather stunned when the radiographer said, "Actually, there are."

Not only are there two babies in separate sacs, but there is an empty third sac which could mean that we narrowly escaped having triplets!!!

Now, can you spare a few quid? Wife and four kids to support....

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Double Trouble | 2 comments
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Double Trouble
Anonymous Monday, February 10 2003 @ 12:35 AM GMT

Jane, Robin, Chloe & Emily,
Congratulations to you all!!! That's wonderful news - the pitter patter of 4 more tiny little feet being added to the clan!
We'll check your website regularly. The ultrasound picture is one of the cutest we've ever seen!
Lots of love,
Suzanne & Paul
Vancouver, Canada

Double Trouble
debs.dyson Thursday, April 03 2003 @ 03:16 PM BST

For Jane....
Cogratulations chuck!
It's Debbie here, your old pal from long street! Who'd have thought it, eh? You with four ankle biters, some people have all the luck. Love to hear from you :-)



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