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Twins arrive safely

The latest additions to the Bowes/Mitchell household made it safely into the world today.

At 11:21 a boy, weighing in at 7lb 15.5oz, shortly followed at 11:22 by a girl, 6lb 9oz.

Mother and babies doing very well.

We haven't decided absolutely on names yet, but the current working titles are Billy (William) and Abi (Abigail).

See the gallery for pictures, but here's a taster (blue for the boy!):



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Twins arrive safely | 1 comments
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Twins arrive safely
robin Wednesday, August 27 2003 @ 11:51 PM BST


Thanks for the kind words.

Regarding our address, I'll make a page available to registered users. I would email it to you but I don't have your address (I did have, but lost it in a hard drive failure)

I recommend you register on this site so you can see all the pictures!





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