Billy and Abby registered

Tuesday, October 07 2003 @ 01:30 PM BST

Contributed by: robin

Well, it was a bit last minute, but we officially registered Billy and Abby on Tuesday October 7th at Reigate Register Office.

Their full names are:

William Henry John Bowes

Abigail Clare Thirza Bowes

How did we choose them? Well, it was like this...

"William" because we liked "Billy" for a boy, so named him William.
"Abigail" because she looked like an Abigail just after she was born. It was not on any of our short lists!
Henry is my Mum's father's name.
Clare is Jane's Mum's mother's name.

We were going to leave it at that but as my Gran passed away recently we thought it would be nice to keep her name alive, hence Thirza - my Mum's mother's name.
So, Abby now has the names of each of our Mum's mothers.
To keep things even we decided to give Billy the names of our Mum's fathers, hence John - Jane's Mum's father's name.


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