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Gallery2 images in geeklog articles

I have modified my hack to insert images from Gallery into Geeklog articles and comments. Links to larger images are automatically created.

The original code was written by Andy Bloch and described on his site here. The code to achieve this functionality is a custom function in lib-custom.php and a few bits of extra code in lib-common.php and system/lib-story.php.

You can download a diff against a vanilla Geeklog installation here. Email me if you get stuck.


To insert an image in an article or comment simply add code like this in the article or comment body:

[ gallery/4615]
Where "4615" the Gallery2 item ID. (You can find this by looking at the properties of the image in Gallery2).

Image aligment is not yet implemented.

Finally, to create a text link to a gallery image, use code as follows:

[ gallery/4767-2 text link_text] 
The "-2" is required for the time-being for text links.

For example, the code:

[ gallery/4767-2 text my boy Billy!]
results in this link to [gallery/4767-2 text my boy Billy!]

(In all the example code I've had to insert an extra space before the word "gallery" so the code would not be replaced.)


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Gallery2 images in geeklog articles | 3 comments
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Gallery2 images in geeklog articles
Derek Thursday, June 09 2005 @ 02:57 PM BST

I was wondering if you could share with me the code that you used to modify the galleryblock for G2. galleryblock calls init.php - and as you know, G2 uses init.inc. I'd appreicate any help you could provide via email!

Thank you,

good article
Suzy_1981 Friday, June 30 2006 @ 02:39 PM BST
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