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Audi 100 Avant Turbo quattro - SOLD

I've sold my trusty Audi 100 Avant Turbo quattro. Here's a picture:

[gallery/4591] I bought it over three years ago and spent nearly £2,500 on it as I intended to run it for a long time. Then we found we were expecting twins meaning I needed a six-seater, so I bought a Seat Alhambra and took the Audi off the road.

It's been sitting on my drive for over a year now - I've just never got round to advertising it. To be frank, I'm reluctant to sell it having sunk so much money into the car!

Specifications are as follows:

  • 1990 G-reg Audi 100 Avant Turbo quattro
  • Colour "Blue", but it's actually a very light metallic blue that looks silver. Interior is blue.
  • Ronal spoked alloys (off an Audi 200)
  • Towbar fitted with dual electrics
  • Cruise control.
  • Sunroof
  • Central Locking
  • Electric Windows
No tax or MoT

I've got nearly £4000 of receipts for work done on the car between 02/99 and 05/01. I bought the car in July 2001 and have receipts for all the work I've had done.

Here's what I got done when I first bought it:

  • Cruise control serviced
  • Front wheel bearings
  • Anti-roll bar bushes
  • Track arm bushes
  • Rear wishbone bushes
  • Rear suspension bushes
  • Koni dampers front and rear
  • Cambelt
  • Camcover gasket
  • Sump gasket
  • Front main oil seal
  • O/S/F ABS sensor
  • Fuel pump
Bad Points:

  • Instrument panel gauges intermittent (rev counter, temperature gauge, etc.)
  • Driver's door wiring loom frayed causing electric windows and central locking to not work (they worked when I got the car)
  • exhaust manifold blowing
  • needs a couple of tyres
  • driver's door outer panel dented

Good Points:

  • superb ride; the suspension is really sorted
  • strong engine
  • comfortable interior
With a bit of work this will make someone a great car.

I'm in Redhill, Surrey.

Email me if you're interested or for further details.

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