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Art DI/O on its way

AudioAfter spending some time listening to my Squeezebox with a variety of external DACs (P3-A, Arcam delta Black Box 5) I decided to take the plunge and get myself an Art DI/O. I found one on eBay and it's on its way.

This unit seems to be very well regarded and has been compared favourably to high-end DACs costing an order of magnitude more than the DI/O.

There seems to be an healthy community who have modded and tweaked the standard unit to improve performance. Common mods include:

  • Uprated PSU (I'll need a new PSU anyway as my unit was bought from the US)
  • Replacing input/output jacks with high-quality RCA connectors
  • Reducing the output level to standard consumer levels (the stock unit produces peak levels up to 7V; consumre equipment is geared for 2-3V)
  • Replacing the stock op. amps
  • Replacing internal components with better quality parts (diodes, resistors, caps, etc.)
I plan to upgrade the PSU and replace the input/output jacks as soon as I get the unit so I can start using it! I'll then consider which, if any, of the other mods to attempt.

Watch this space...

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