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Converting FLAC files to MP3

Since buying a Squeezebox, I have been steadily ripping all my CDs into FLAC format.

However, I also have an iPod and the iPod can not play back FLAC files, and even if it could, MP3 files are a lot smaller and good enough quality for mobile use.

I needed some way to convert my large FLAC collection to MP3, and came up with a perl script, imaginatively entitled "flac2mp3".

Please see the flac2mp3 webpage:

http://robinbowes.com/projects/flac2mp3 I've also created three mailing lists related to flac2mp3:

List address: flac2mp3-announce@robinbowes.com
Description: Read-only list for announcements
To subscribe: flac2mp3-announce-subscribe@robinbowes.com

List address: flac2mp3-devel@robinbowes.com
Description: Developer discussion
To subscribe: flac2mp3-devel-subscribe@robinbowes.com

List address: flac2mp3-general@robinbowes.com
Description: General user discussion
To subscribe: flac2mp3-general-subscribe@robinbowes.com

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Converting FLAC files to MP3 | 1 comments
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Converting FLAC files to MP3
veloearl Tuesday, December 27 2005 @ 01:23 PM GMT

I also have a Squeezebox and an iPod, and was looking for something to do batch transcoding. What a great script you wrote! Thank you!!!

My flac files are stored one folder per album, with the cover art stored in folder.jpg. How hard would it be to store the cover art in the ID3V2 tag when creating the Mp3 file?



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