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Creating a 1:25,000 map

Notes on how to download 1:25,000 mapping from multimap.com and tile them together into one image. Grab the images using this URL:


Adjust the X and Y values to show the tiles you need.
Right-click and save the image files
The images are 600x510 pixels

Horizontally, change X in multiples of 4 - the resulting tiles will join together at the edges perfectly.
Vertically, change Y in multiples of 3 - the resulting tiles have a 10 pixel-high blue bar across the bottom. This will be cropped later. They also overlap by a further 49 pixels; this will also be cropped later.

By way of example, I use the values to map the River Nidd and surrounding area:

X 435000 - 459000
Y 451000 - 457000

Now crop all images except the bottom row to remove the blue bar and ensure they will butt together vertically.

mkdir cropped
for f in *y457.gif *y454.gif ; do convert $f -crop 600x451+0+0 +repage cropped/$f; done

Crop the images on the bottom row to remove the blue bar:
for f in *y451.gif *y451.gif ; do convert $f -crop 600x500+0+0 +repage cropped/$f; done

Join the images together horizontally:

cd cropped
convert *y451.gif +append y451.gif
convert *y454.gif +append y454.gif
convert *y457.gif +append y457.gif

Join the new images together vertically:

convert y457.gif y454.gif y451.gif -append "River Nidd.gif"

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Creating a 1:25,000 map | 1 comments
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Creating a 1:25,000 map
robin Tuesday, July 18 2006 @ 12:42 PM BST
To avoid the multimap logo in the top left of the picture, I should do something like this:

Increase the X value by three each time and crop 150 pixels from the left of the image before joining them


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