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Using eth1 with xen (instead of eth0)

I have a xen box running FC6 with a couple of guest machines (also running FC6). The hardware has two network interfaces, eth0 (10/100MB/s) and eth1 (1GB/s). I was using eth0 as the primary interface but I've just got a gigabit switch and want to move the machine onto it. So I've reconfigured the host to use eth1 as the primary interface.

Here's what I needed to change to get xen to use the new interface. Edit xend-config.sxp and change the network-script line as follows:

(network-script network-bridge netdev=eth1)

Edit the guest config files and tell them to use xenbr1 instead of xenbr0, e.g.:

vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3e:3b:d6:4f, bridge=xenbr1', ]

That's it! Well, you may need to restart xend and the guest instances.

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