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zfs volume as VirtualBox guest virtual disk

Here's how to use a zfs volume as a virtual disk for a VirtualBox guest:

First, create the volume:

zfs create -V 10G data/zvol_ubuntu_8_10

I run VirtualBox in user-space, so make sure I have write permission to the new volume:

chown robin /dev/zvol/rdsk/data/zvol_ubuntu_8_10

Create the vmdk "wrapper" around the raw device:

/opt/VirtualBox/VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk \
    -filename ~/.VirtualBox/ubuntu_8_10.vmdk \
    -rawdisk /dev/zvol/rdsk/data/zvol_ubuntu_8_10

Register the new disk with VirtualBox (you can also do this from the GUI)

/opt/VirtualBox/VBoxManage registerimage disk ~/.VirtualBox/ubuntu_8_10.vmdk

The resulting disk will be available for selection when you create a new guest.

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