Modifying multiple mailman mailing lists

Monday, May 04 2009 @ 08:02 PM BST

Contributed by: robin

I run quite a few mailing lists for my various projects. For each one, I have 4 lists: projectname, projectname-trac, projectname-svn, projectname-dev.

I have a script that sets all these up automatically for new projects. However, I managed to get some wrong, and wanted to change various values for *all* lists.

I used the config_list script as follows:

for l in $(list_lists -b) ; do config_list -vi list_changes.txt $l  ; done

list_changes.txt contained the following text:

accept_these_nonmembers = ['']
bounce_matching_headers = ''
real_name = mlist.internal_name()
owner = ['']
subject_prefix = ''.join(['[', mlist.internal_name(), '] '])
msg_footer = """_______________________________________________"""

Job done!

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