If a man speaks in a forest, and his wife's not there, is he still wrong?

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Modifying multiple mailman mailing lists

I run quite a few mailing lists for my various projects. For each one, I have 4 lists: projectname, projectname-trac, projectname-svn, projectname-dev.

I have a script that sets all these up automatically for new projects. However, I managed to get some wrong, and wanted to change various values for *all* lists.

I used the config_list script as follows:

for l in $(list_lists -b) ; do config_list -vi list_changes.txt $l  ; done

list_changes.txt contained the following text:

accept_these_nonmembers = ['projects@example.com']
bounce_matching_headers = ''
real_name = mlist.internal_name()
owner = ['admin@example.com']
subject_prefix = ''.join(['[', mlist.internal_name(), '] '])
msg_footer = """_______________________________________________

Job done!

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OS X on i386 laptop...

I'm trying to install OS X on my Toshiba laptop using iDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6)

First problem, it wouldn't boot from the internal DVD drive. However, it seems to boot OK from an external USB DVD drive.

At the boot prompt, I press F8 an enter the following options:

-v platform=x86pc

After a while, it seems to hang, with msgs from the RealTek driver appearing every few seconds. Then, after about 5-10 mins, the install proceeds...

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Watch out America, here I come!

I'm heading off to Los Angeles today to meet the guys at RIS. I shall try and blog my trip here as I go along.

Phase one: train from York to Heathrow. well, strictly speaking, York to London to Heathrow - I'll have got get across London on the tube to get Heathrow Express from Paddington.

National Express provide free wifi on the train; as you can see it seems to work well! unfortunately, the power socket at my seat is not working and my laptop doesn't work on battery for very long, so this post was typed on my PDA.

I wonder if there's 'net connection on the plane? We'll see...
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Blog moves to new server.

After battling for several months with various root kits on the server hosting this site I've finally admitted defeat and taken it offline.

I've moved this blog plus my projects and downloads onto another machine so it *should* be business as usual.

Please drop me an email and let me know if you find anything that's broken.
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Back online - for now

After getting root-kitted due to a vulerability in the rich text editor used by geeklog, I took the server hosting this site offline.

I'm in the process of moving the whole lot to a new server, but in the meantime, I've brought the server back online.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Link for proxy testing: joe@example.com
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Creating a 1:25,000 map

Notes on how to download 1:25,000 mapping from multimap.com and tile them together into one image.


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    How should we abbreviate Abigail's name?

    How should we abbreviate Abigail's name?

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    •  Abi
    •  Abbie
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    How should we abbreviate Abigail's name?

    How should we abbreviate Abigail's name?

    •  Abby
    •  Abi
    •  Abbie
    •  Other

    Other polls | 1,579 votes | 0 comments